September 28, 2023

Why Is Everyone Getting Divorced? (with Jenee Desmond-Harris & Panama Jackson)

by Stuck with Damon Young

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Jenee Desmond Harris, Slate’s “Dear Prudence” columnist and podcast host, joins Damon for a discussion rooted in divorce and giving relationship advice during a time when it feels like couples from all walks of life are splitting up. Then, Panama Jackson returns to help Damon advise a young man with cash flow issues who wants to know if he should pursue dating while broke. 

00:00 Open

00:40 Introduction

01:44 Welcome Slate’s Dear Prudence columnist, Jenée Desmond Harris 

06:47 Celebrities getting divorced 

21:31 How Jenée separates her personal life from her advice column

35:29 Damon Hates birthday gifts for kids

38:52 Dear Damon with Panama Jackson

55:31 Outro

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